Home Essentials: Lighting Options

Having the right lighting can make anyone feels calm or productive, but there’s more into that, the importance of lightning’s function. It serves a specific purpose for certain types of lighting, and when your home is the subject, you want the right and best type, based on the purpose of your room. Consider first how you’re using each room before optimizing your home’s lighting.

Think about how you’re going to use each room and whether there’s anything you want to accent in the room to thoroughly light your rooms using some techniques. Start layering afterward.

On where that lighting will go in the room is the next step to think about. Focus about where you want the different lighting to fall into the room and worry less about the fixtures. Asses these general, room-by-room tips if you’re not sure and confused on where to start.


Living Room

Best to use an accent light in one corner of the room in addition to ambient light. Make an object in the living room as the focal point, like a piece of art or a chair or even a big vase.


Incorporate lower task lighting to illuminate the counter space where you work after adding your circling light overhead. It is also viable for the sink which is also a good spot to add task lighting.


Inside the bedroom, it’s standard to have task lighting on nightstands. It is suggested to position any light away from the bed. Slanting overhead ambient light away from the bed and facing the dressing area to be specific.



Lighting in the bathroom can be tricky. You desire for task lighting for the mirror, but it can create shadows for an overhead task light. Evaluate placing lighting the mirror on either side. Then, to fully illuminate the room, use an overhead ambient light.

The case may be different if you do not own the house and you are just renting so it’s possible you may not be able to do much about some of the lighting position in your rented space. Nevertheless, it can give you an idea of how to work with what you’ve got by these simple tips.