Picking The Right Architecture

After choosing the location, picking the architecture design is the next step to finding your new home. Although there’s no one standard rule, it’s good if you pick a design that goes well with the surrounding area.


The Victorian style has a historical touch to it. It works best in old and and rich cities. People who adore history and love antiques should consider this extremely detailed architectural design.

Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is one of the oldest designs in existence. Aesthetically speaking, it works practically in any location, especially in rural towns. Before building a log cabin, you need to determine what type of wood is best for the climate of the location you pick. This style is best for the adventurous and nature-loving people who adore the outdoors and has a rugged style.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod design was originally from New England, back in the 1600s. This style has steeper roofs and bigger chimneys designed to withstand the crazy winter season. The tidy yard is usually surrounded by a white picket fence. This trendy style, with its cozy charm usually suits the preference of people who reside in the suburbs.


The Craftsman design is also referred to as the Bungalow. It is made with natural materials like wood, bricks, and stones. This style has wide front porches and low roofs that complement the interior’s big exposed beams and huge fireplaces. Advocates of DIY and those who love the natural elements pick this kind of architecture.


The Modern style is a contrast to the Victorian design. It makes use of sustainable building materials, natural light, epoxy flooring Seattle, and polished concrete. This design emphasizes efficiency and is perfect for those who are ecologically-conscious.


The Colonial style tends to be more formal-looking. The columns, windows, and chimneys are evenly-spaced to highlight symmetrical designs. This architectural style is popular in the South and is a classic choice for people who appreciate symmetry.


The Mediterranean style brings a foreign touch to American homes. It boasts of lush gardens, multi-colored tiles and beautiful balconies that go well with palm trees. This style works well in warmer climates like California and Florida.

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